3 Ways to Increase Connection

How is the connection in your relationship right now? For some, connection may come easily and without much effort. For others, connection can be hard to come by and may not be readily available. Below are three easy ways to increase connection in your relationship right now.

1. Ask deeper questions

Rather than asking “how was your day”, try asking other questions, such as “what made you laugh today?” or “what was something that was difficult for you today?” Asking these questions can give you much more about the internal world of your partner rather than the external world around them. Knowing what made them laugh or what created a challenge gives you the opportunity to connect on an emotional level.

2. Go for a walk

Something about physical activity lends itself to being more open. Taking a walk with your partner employs the benefits of openness without the exertion that would come with running.

3. Create rituals

Having a routine allows for a regular point of connection without extreme effort. Some examples include kissing each time you leave or arrive at home, enjoying regular meals together, or helping each other with nightly chores (bonus points if it isn’t your assigned chore!). These simple acts and gestures keep consistent connection between you and your partner.

Connection is arguably the most important part of a relationship. If you’re feeling strained and these tips don’t feel easy for you to try, reach out and we can schedule a time to determine whether counseling can be of more help to you.