We come to therapy at different times, for different reasons. Some clients need accountability, some clients need support and other clients need tools to navigate difficult situations. Adapting to these differing needs is a focus at Terro Landry Therapy Group. We aim to provide a place of growth, flexibility and understanding.

Individual Counseling

Becoming your real, true and authentic self is incredibly courageous. It takes bravery to look at yourself and want more from your life. Making meaning and purpose is a journey, especially through challenging transitions.

Ages 13+

Couples Counseling

People come to relationship counseling for a multitude of reasons. Experiencing a violation of trust, recognizing the same argument continuously, and coming through a major transition are a few reasons that couples seek counseling.

Psychological Assessments

When diagnosis lacks clarity, treatment lacks direction. Psychological assessments provide precision in diagnosing mental illnesses, behavioral challenges and learning differences.

Ages 5-50


In Office

Walk + Talk