I have been working with Kaitlyn for about a year and a half now - and I seriously can’t sing her praises enough. She’s kind, thoughtful, and truly cares about her client’s success. I have been working with various therapists on and off for the past 15 years, but it wasn’t until working with her that I started seeing actual progress in dealing with my trauma. I find her “relational-style” type of therapy to be incredible collaborative and helpful - opposed to cold and clinical like other therapists with which I’ve worked. She sulus real world experiences and is not afraid to ask if personal perspective would be helpful to illustrate various points. It’s truly the most helpful a therapist has ever been!


I have been working with Kaitlyn for over a year now, and I am in a better place than I have ever been. She has given me countless tools to be able to handle different situations in my life with a calm mind and grateful heart. Through working with her I have found boundless strength and resilience. I have learned the importance of asking for help from others while also being more in tune with myself, which has developed into an ability to shape my behaviors while accepting my feelings. She has helped me begin to unlearn my perfectionist tendencies, and be at peace with the tumultuous nature of life.


I have been in therapy with Kaitlyn for about a year now and I am proud of the personal progress I have made with her guidance. Kaitlyn offers a therapy style that is welcoming and relational. I appreciate that she reminds me to have compassion for myself while also identifying and calling out self criticism. Since working with Kaitlyn, I have been able to manage my anxiety with positive self talk and create boundaries when they are needed. I am always sharing anecdotes of her advice with close friends and reflecting on practical application of our sessions. I cannot recommend Kaitlyn enough!


I was someone who was always hesitant to start therapy. From my first consultation call with Kaitlyn, all of my fears and apprehensions were completely gone. Working with Kaitlyn for the past year and a half has been so wonderful. The baseline trust-building work she did in our early sessions was perfect for a newcomer to therapy like myself. Now, after a year and a half, I'm so proud of the person that I'm on the path to becoming and it's thanks in large part to Kaitlyn. She is genuine, kind, relatable, challenging (in a good way), and collaborative. I've recommended Kaitlyn to anyone I know looking for their first therapist or a switch in who they consult with and would 100% recommend consulting with her to anyone reading this.